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Riemland Weapon Academy - The Home of Firearm Training

RWA - Questions

What do you want to know (FAQ?)

How do you compare to other firearms training services?
We strive to provide courses at RWA that have quality and personal content with affordable rates. We keep our courses affordable so that you can take several courses and develop your skills further.

Will anyone pass the courses?
We cannot state that anyone can complete and pass our courses. For a variety of reasons, there are people who are simply not suited to own or use firearms. We can state that we make every effort at RWA to train our students at their appropriate level. Our courses are instructed in a positive, patient manner to develop the confidence of our students and minimize stress. We want you to develop your shooting skills and remember our instruction as an experience worth recommending to others.

I live out of the area?
We are very near the Vaal Triangle in the rural aria of Heilbron NFS. One day out of the hassle of the city. Basic s/s quarters for groups of 10 are available on request.

Must I provide my own gun?
Firearms can be rented for the duration of the entire course. Bullets used for training and testing will be for the account of the trainee. Own licensed firearms and ammo can be used.

How do I know that RWA are fully registered?
You can verify RWA's detail at your local SAPS DFO (Designated Firearms Officer)

What do I need to renew my existing firearm license’s?
You need an RWA training certificate to renew your existing firearm license.

Does your training guarantee a new firearm license?
No, but you do need a RWA training & SASETA Certificate to apply for a new license.

How long does it take until I receive the various training certificates?
RWA certificates same day; SASETA certificates up to 6 months and longer.

What do I have to do after receiving my training certificates?
Make certified copies of it and go to your nearest SAP DFO, who will assist you, with your SAPS application.

May anybody attend your Workshops?
Everybody who wants to apply for a renewal OR new firearm license can attend.

When does the Firearm training take place?
Usually on a Saturday, but groups +- 10 can book for any day, except on Sundays.


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